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My Artistic Side

This is a poem I wrote a few weeks ago when I was in a very dark mood.  It’s not my best, but it’s what poured out of my head at the time.

I close my eyes and listen.
Sinister voices fill my head.
The loudest is a whisper.
He’s telling me I’m dead.
“Superficial living isn’t life at all.
Scale the fence, baby,
Climb the fucking wall.
I’ve given you your freedom,
I’ve taken away the chains,
Now come home to my ice cold arms,
And learn to live again.
I promise to be painful.
I promise to be harsh.
I promise only what I know,
I surely will provide.”

His kisses come so softly.
His fingers trail my spine.
His icy touch fills my heart.
His words crush my mind.
I know he’s deep inside me.
My darkest needs he fills.
He’s all the rage I’ve ever felt.
He’s all the pain I need.
He’s seen my dark and hateful deeds.
He’s driven me to my knees.
He’s kissed my fevered soul.
He’s loved me since time began,
But he never tells me so.


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